Hello there! Chances are good that if you’re reading this, you know that I’m Akilah…obviously. I’m originally from Cincinnati (who dey?!) and am now hanging out in Brooklyn, NY.  I take classes and perform at UCB, and I write and create hilarious comedic videos on my YouTube Channel. Here you will find posts about hair, pop culture, race, comedy, being a lady, being a 20-something lady, fashion, makeup, being good at things, being terrible at things, moving to NYC and pretty much any topic in-between. If you’re super interested, learn more about me below:

In another lifetime I was a Disney princess.

How tall are you? I can’t tell in photos. I’m 5’4” . I am trying to get over it so I can post more fashiony photos. Still working through that bitterness ;).

How long have you had natural hair? I stopped relaxing it in August 2009, and just slowly chopped off the ends until there was no relaxed hair left. READ: I didn’t really have the guts for a big chop. There might be a conehead under all this hair! So it’s been a little more than 3 years. I can’t wait to see where my hair is in another 2 years!

Cup Size? When I go out to eat I usually get a medium. Thanks for asking.

What are you life goals? Well I’m currently working my way back into my size 2 jeans, but in important, interesting, worth-talking-about news, I’m working on my acting/comedy career. I received a scholarship to Upright Citizens Brigade, and I know that will open doors to many more exciting opportunities. I’d like to be acting full-time, and to save enough money to take trips home to see my family more often.

Are you a feminist? You’re asking if I think women should be treated as equals to men. Absolutely I do, and I am.

What did you get your degree in? I did an independent major in college in Broadcasting and Speech Communications with a focus in Mass Communications—hence my desire to be a news anchor on weekend update on SNL.

When is your birthday? August 31. Virgo/Snake as far as astrology goes. So—whatever that means.

What is your background? I’m African American, but not sure which country in Africa my people hail from. I’m also English and Cherokee Indian. My Great Great Grandmother’s name was Susie Goodnight if that gives you some perspective.

Why do you love smoothies so much? I just love fruit, and always have. Plus I like beverages more than food. Sue me. Put the two together and the world just becomes a better place.

When did you start doing photography? I started taking photos in high school for our yearbook. In college I became way more interested because my roommate was a photographer and had a really sweet Nikon D60. I met her coworker Nessa and stalked her around the internet for a while before deciding I’d give it a spin. I’ve only done a bit of family portraiture and street photography, but if I could find the time to actually start my own business I probably would.