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Akilah. 24. NYC by way of the Queen City. Take your brown eyes, your pretty smile, your silhouette.

WARNING: Do not take this blog too seriously. It is all encompassing of the fleeting thoughts I have, even if they are just momentary. Don't read too far into me.
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As Black spokesperson, it is my job to answer all the questions posed about my race.

This week, I answer: How Do Black People Feel about the Ocean?

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How did you feel the first time you saw yourself on film?


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Look, without our stories, without the true nature and reality of who we are as People of Color, nothing about fanboy or fangirl culture would make sense. What I mean by that is: if it wasn’t for race, X-Men doesn’t make sense. If it wasn’t for the history of breeding human beings in the New World through chattel slavery, Dune doesn’t make sense. If it wasn’t for the history of colonialism and imperialism, Star Wars doesn’t make sense. If it wasn’t for the extermination of so many Indigenous First Nations, most of what we call science fiction’s contact stories doesn’t make sense. Without us as the secret sauce, none of this works, and it is about time that we understood that we are the Force that holds the Star Wars universe together. We’re the Prime Directive that makes Star Trek possible, yeah. In the Green Lantern Corps, we are the oath. We are all of these things—erased, and yet without us—we are essential.

Junot Díaz, “The Junot Díaz Episode" (18 November 2013) on Fan Bros, a podcast “for geek culture via people of colors” (via kynodontas)

Junot Díaz stays topping the list of people I can never meet for fear I’d disappoint them. 

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Although, I’d make the slight tweak of changing “People of Color” to “The Oppressed” (which is for surrrrrre people of color as the majority) because let’s not forget caste systems/poverty/religious persecution/sexism/the fact that my great grandparents wanted so badly to be seen as “American” when they moved here my grandfather would never admit he spoke Italian fluently or pass it on to his kids. 

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Super amazing photoshoot: completed.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I am stuck in this group project with a girl that I detest. She is constantly complaining about white people but she is white herself. But when people remind her that she is white she says its okay because she has the soul of a black woman. The more I am forced to work on this project with her the more racist she seems. Today she said that she can't leave class alone because she's white and has boobs and that will get her raped. I want to say something but I don't know what I should say.
enchanted-dystopia enchanted-dystopia Said:

Ooooh, my favorite.

The best thing in these situations is to keep your sass deadpan. I need to make a video about this, but my favorite high school memory (or one of them) was this girl Aubree who took no shit. There was a girl in our AP psych class who answered every question with personal stories about her life.

Ex.: “Talk about developmental psychology”

Answer: “My mom says it took me a long time to stop using a pacifier.”

And it was just ENDLESSLY ANNOYING. One day Aubree came up with the perfect response. One so good, that the teacher couldn’t even respond. The room erupted into laughter and then immediate silence, and the girl stopped talking so damn much. 

The response? Say (as loud and deadpan as you can): WE CARE. WE REALLY DO. TELL US ABOUT YOUR LIFE.

Works every time.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What color did you dye your hair before when it was like red-ish? I neeeeed to know,btw your awesome!
enchanted-dystopia enchanted-dystopia Said:

Thank you! and I wish I knew!!!!

I got it dyed professionally and they just sort of mixed some stuff and did that to me. :(

I faced my fears and got a blue manicure. I don’t hate it.


literally me

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