Ancient Religions Could Be Very Funky


  • ancient Romans had gods for boundary stones (Termini), hinges (Cardea), doors (Janus), and mildew (Robigus)
  • Donatists of fourth-century North Africa were so committed to martyrdom that they would stop strangers, demanding to be killed by them. Since they threatened to kill the stranger if the stranger did not kill them, they usually got their martyrdom.
  • hedonism, which is living in accordance with the principles of pleasure, was introduced by the Greek philosopher Epicurus (circa 341–270 B.C.). However, Epicurus advocated a simple life, not overindulgence in pleasure, because those who lead a simple life will get more pleasure from pleasurable occasions than someone inured to those pleasures.
  • It has been estimated that over 100,000 different religious faiths have existed since the dawn of humanity. Most of them, of course, have failed.