Happy Mew Years Eve #amazonwoman #thisisotr (at Japp’s Annex)

look how adorable my friends were yesterday. they set the bar high for this year, i’ll tell ya.

every year on new year’s day.

New Year’s Recap:

1. Wore this oversized sparkly shirt from H&M and some sheer black tights from H&M and some boots from god knows where. 

2. Froze. All. The. Way. To. Death.

3. Waited for no less than two boys to pee behind other cars in the parking garage. 

4. Drank all the Jameson on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Got bumped a little too hard and elbowed the girl back. She screamed “HEY!” so I turned around and she just said “sorry” and walked away. I still got it.

6. Was physically lifted and moved out of the way.

7. Watched a really tacky midnight proposal. He got on one knee in a puddle of broken glass and backwashed bud light.

8. Kissed Stephanie at midnight because we’re big ole lesbians there were no boys available worth risking herpes.

9. Kinda wished I went to OTR and a less fratty bar, but luckily it wasn’t a strip mall bar. (note to self: write a blog post about strip mall bars in Northern Kentucky)

10. Sobered up to the sounds of my lady friend Alex poorly rapping about how to be true to yourself.

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s New Year’s Eve.

The hunt for something gold and sparkly to wear tonight is on.

Coldplay and Jay-Z at Barclays for NYE


New Year’s 2k11: A Review.

-Was sick all day, but made it work.

-Went to the Kitty Kat Klubhouse. Pet some cats.

-Drank an entire bottle of champagne alone, did not realize.

-Painted fingernails.

-Posed for pics.

-Texted a cute girl intermittently.

-Texted my mom.

-Got sick outside of my car and in a bathroom. So considerate.

-Passed out on a couch in what appeared to be an abandoned elementary school…

-Woke up to two men trying to make me a nest out of couch cushions and a guy leaning on my hair…

-“I’m just a bachelorrrrrrr, looking for a partner. Someone who knows how to ride without even falling offff”

-Attempted to steal a chihuahua

-Told a girl she had ugly pants because she did and she was being mean to my friends so she deserved it.

-Left after our Kanye song got cut off.

-Ate nachos. Sobered up. Drove home. 

What an insane evening. There are so many gaps in my memory, but all the rest were good. Happy New Year!