I approve of this message.

One of the most thoughtful takes on the Trayvon Martin case, and I’m not biased I promise. He should collab with Chescaleigh or do pretty much anything with her I don’t care what.


This breaks down US Wealth Inequality super effectively, and is so disturbing.ย 

the odd thing about being the only American in my office is learning how other countries really don’t have this gun violence problem.


Whatโ€™s up, book?

guys. this is my friend blake. he made a book. it’s coming out soon. there’s gonna be a kickstarter and everything. i know cool people.ย 

Saul Williams- “Black Stacey”

I feel like if you understand this song, so much more about me becomes clear.

maybe an epiphany?

Is the American national anthem one or two extremely long run-on questions?