I was thinking about the Golden Globes

…and how when they show these glamorous red carpets. You always see about 3-5 big guys in all black herding around different celebrities. What do you think they do while the show is going on? Do you think they have seats and there’s just one big section filled with big dudes or is there like a room off the hallway like in elementary school for the janitors where they hang out until they’re needed?

Takin it to the Street: The Rest of Fashion’s Night Out 2012!


If you saw my last post, which happened very recently, you saw that I participated in Fashion’s Night Out. It’s this great event (that is quickly becoming my new favorite holiday) that takes place in Manhattan the night before New York Fashion Week really kicks off. 

There’s loads of great deals, parties, celebrities, giveaways, and people just dressed really freakin cool. 

Reality tv stars completely took over Lord & Taylor on 5th and 38th! The lines were so long, but management kept us busy with games, keys that could unlock boxes filled with goodies, and booze. Glorious, glorious booze.

Every floor had a dj and some interactive element. Whether you were meeting Kim Kardashian or just hanging out in the photobooths, there was plenty to do.

I even got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Keiko Lynn. The direct pictures I took of her came out totes blurry and obviously I went rogue paparazzo and snagged this one.

The big trend I saw everywhere were studs. I’ve finally been convinced to buy a pair of studded heels.

Then I took it to the street and just photographed as many cool looking people as I could:

Have you ever been in NY for Fashion Week? Do you have any recommendations for the next few days?

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