Unpopular Opinion: Seth MacFarlane was Great at the Oscars



If you have an internet connection, you know that a) Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and Ted, hosted the Oscars on Sunday Night and b) everyone apparently hates him.  He got off on the wrong foot with a lot of viewers with his opening monologue, but I thought it had some great bits:


1) Captain Kirk wishing Amy and Tina would host. This could be two separate points because Captain Kirk is a bad ass in his 70s? 80s? 100s?!?! and pretty much everyone with a sense of humor loves Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Great, bold choices here.


2) A Chris Brown Joke. Here’s where people started to get a little miffed. Sure, domestic violence is never funny, but I think Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship is very funny. I’m sorry, I don’t care how many Oprah specials she does, I’m not going to support Rihanna being with a man who beat her into unconsciousness. I think we should all always make fun of Chris Brown. Why not? When, if given the chance, has he proven not to be an utter douchebag? 10 points for Seth.


3) The “We Saw Your Boobs” Bit. New information suggests that many of the women and their boobs that he was addressing were in scenes where they were being brutally assaulted or raped—which is not funny, again, ever. But that was not the point of the bit. The point was that Captain Kirk was being a bad ass and telling Seth MacFarlane from the future that he was a crappy host, and that the song was the reason why. All of the women who were in the bit were in on it, and their responses were pre-taped. You can tell because they all had crappy hairstyles and looked 10x less fabulous than they did during the live broadcast. I thought it was a great way to get away with being a d-bag, and the ladies were all good sports about it.


4) He got JGL and Harry Potter to Dance. I didn’t even know it was a fantasy of mine until it was realized. Good looking out, bro.


5 ) The John Wilkes-Booth joke. There are actually people who were offended almost 150 years after the fact about a “too-soon” joke made at President Lincoln’s expense.  These people were likely more offended about this joke than they were about actual slavery. It’s a good, solid, probably stolen from Twitter joke. I think Lincoln would forgive him for this, y’all should too.

People are being really hard on him because he’s an easy person to target. I think he stayed true to his nature and that most of the people who were angered by his show were forgetting who he was making fun of. Maybe we all need to lighten up. It’s just an awards show.

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Chris Brown sitting down while Frank Ocean receives his award just to remind everyone in America’s he’s the absolute worst.



Chris Brown can lick my black asshole

I hate that nobody

hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. Why does he exist? Serious question.

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How we all feel about Rihanna right now.

^truer words never spoken^


How we all feel about Rihanna right now.

^truer words never spoken^

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I sang it out loud just like the jingle for the show. I’m going to think this every time he comes up now.

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Adding to this ALL NIGHT: My Mom Live-Blogs the Grammy’s

Me: “Why does lady gaga have that stick? Is she a drum major?” Mom: “She’s a major asshole”

"eff you chris brown, i hope you fall off the stage and break your effing face" -my mother really hates him…

"This is stupid. I tried to watch it, but damn." -my mom on Chris Brown

"There’s not a whole lot of words to this song apparently…but it’s still better than Chris Brown" -my mom on Rihanna

"Isn’t that Full House guy in the Beach Boys?"


"Is Stevie Wonder reading a braille teleprompter"

"Paul McCartney’s still alive? Didn’t he divorce that bitch with the one leg?" I’m crying. My mother is nuts.

"Taylor Swift and the Disney Country Bear Jamboree"

My Roller Derby Name is Going to Be:

Chris Brown!