I have such a big day planned.

I’m taking my 3 year old nephew to the aquarium. He’s already informed me of his shark and jellyfish fears, but I think once he sees how thick the glass is he’ll warm up to the idea. Maybe we’ll get a cinnamon bun. Maybe I’ll get a coffee. I don’t know, we’re just seeing where they day takes us.

Hey look, I did the “BEST FRIEND TAG” with my lovely best friend, Stephanie! Learn about how I actually thought she was special needs, our favorite tv shows, and her slight country accent.

Oh, and post your own with your friends, too!

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The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge, a residential building in Covington, Kentucky, in the greater Cincinnati area by Daniel Libeskind

Boom, finally. Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati getting their tumblr dues.

Favorite Corners of My Old Kentucky Home.



My Christmas vacation is quickly coming to a close here in Kentucky/Cincinnati (yes, near where “Peeta” is from). It’s been super cold and snowy, but one thing I’ve missed more than Jay-Z misses Kanye being single is the space and the natural light. My tiny Brooklyn bedroom/apartment doesn’t really afford me any extra light or space, so it has been nice to stretch my little body out. Here are some of my favorite parts of my house:


My mom had this really big “travel” and “vintage” period, and I love these quirky old suitcases because they are simply decor. They serve no purpose aside from making the house feel like a home.



My mom has had these records since she was in high school. That peach box is real, it’s not some prop from Urban Outfitters. How cute?! I’m sure she doesn’t listen to the records anymore, but maybe one day we will.


Between the first picture and this one, you can hopefully tell what my mother’s favorite animal is. She adores elephants. There are elephants in almost every room of the house


This has been one of my favorite things since I was a kid. My sister and I used to pretend we were the two women in this tapestry and we would make up stories to go along with it. As an adult, I just love the Egyptian influence. Very swank.



At first, being black, the idea of living in the woods seemed like we were breaking all of the horror film rules. After living here for a while I started to feel more in-tune with nature. Almost like Pocahontas but less hot. The two decks on the front of my house that overlook the stream and my mother’s plant habit bring the outside in at every turn. I’m going to start buying plants for my NYC apartment asap.

And there you have it! All of these lovely things that I just love and plan to miss about my home.


The creek at home.  I’m going to miss all this natural light and space.

New Year’s Recap:

1. Wore this oversized sparkly shirt from H&M and some sheer black tights from H&M and some boots from god knows where. 

2. Froze. All. The. Way. To. Death.

3. Waited for no less than two boys to pee behind other cars in the parking garage. 

4. Drank all the Jameson on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Got bumped a little too hard and elbowed the girl back. She screamed “HEY!” so I turned around and she just said “sorry” and walked away. I still got it.

6. Was physically lifted and moved out of the way.

7. Watched a really tacky midnight proposal. He got on one knee in a puddle of broken glass and backwashed bud light.

8. Kissed Stephanie at midnight because we’re big ole lesbians there were no boys available worth risking herpes.

9. Kinda wished I went to OTR and a less fratty bar, but luckily it wasn’t a strip mall bar. (note to self: write a blog post about strip mall bars in Northern Kentucky)

10. Sobered up to the sounds of my lady friend Alex poorly rapping about how to be true to yourself.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Recovering from Homesickness


“I never get a break. I never get time off to just relax!” is something I probably text my mother far too often. She always calmly replies, “Well you never stick around anywhere long enough to get vacation time!”

I have moved around a lot in the past few years, and because of it, I really don’t ever “earn” the time away from work. I finally got to go back home to Kentucky/Cincinnati last weekend and it was all I could have hoped for with the short time allotted. I spent time with my mom, saw at least 5 good friends, ate too much, shopped too much (H&M, HOW DARE YOU BE SO MUCH CHEAPER IN KENTUCKY?!), went to the zoo with my sister who’s pregnant and my darling nephew Mason, picked up tons of winter clothes for the freezing weather to come, and sat by a fire and talked about just about everything.

(but really, I don’t have any pets, why are there dogs in my yard?)

What never ceases to surprise me is the effortless continuity of going home. I always expect that it’ll be hard to adjust, but it never is. A really easy “throw-away” question to ask someone is what success looks like for them. Well right now, I’d feel very successful if I could make enough money by doing what I love — to visit home more often.