Because it’s the most fun a girl can have if there aren’t any other fun things left to do!

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The true story of that time I ended up in a tiny apartment with Gilbert Gottfried, Michael Gregory, Andrew WK, and Scott Rogowsky. 

Hey Tumblr, It’s Akilah…

So you asked me so many questions that I figured I’d make this a regular old thing where once a month-ish I would answer your new deep Qs. Feel free to ask me more stuff here and maybe you’ll see your Qs answered in a video soon!


Hey guys,

My friend Rob is bringing back his amazingly hysterical series, “I Hate Being Single” and I couldn’t be more excited for it. He’s extremely talented and extremely funny. He directed a crap ton of episodes of Broad City back when it was still on the web. He performs in a hilarious sketch group, "Onassis", and he’s writing and shooting this series that I think has loads of potential (possibly a tv show one day!!!) and is a masterpiece in its own right. 

So when Rob asked me to be in an episode I freaked out, jumped up and down, emailed back probably too quickly to express my interest, and then re-watched the first season of the show. I contributed to the indiegogo because I believe in Rob’s vision, and I think you all should too. Click here to check out the campaign and give what you can. Any amount helps! 

<3 - Akilah


New Blaria Podcast w/Girl Code star Tanisha Long! We talk GC, a crazy family revelation, & the time I cussed her out (in my head, of course!)

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Phoebe is amazing. Tanisha is amazing. These are NYC dream girls just fyi.

Chris Rock is the truth. He is the truest truth that ever did true. This is why he will always be my favorite stand up.

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♪ 10,000* mother f*%&amp;ers can&#8217;t tell me nothin&#8217; ♪

♪ 10,000* mother f*%&ers can’t tell me nothin’ ♪