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I entered a contest and I need to win.I’m giving away a $100 gift card to someone who votes for the idea. Related: I’m currently losing to an idea called Cheesesicles. It’s cheese on a fucking stick. This cannot stand.

Enter to win a $100 CBTL (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) gift card!!

I am giving away a $100 CBTL gift card at the beginning of June! You have until June 1st to enter! That is when I’ll do the random.org drawing!

Here are the ways to enter:
1. Go to http://cincinnatiinnovates.crowdspark.com/entries/51 and vote for our innovative idea! You have to login with facebook so we can track it!
2. Subscribe! Go to http://www.youtube.com/smoothiefreak to subscribe!
3. Click to tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/74bnU
4. Like me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/smoothiefreak

Good luck! You can enter up to 4 times! Thanks for subscribing! The contest runs through June 1st!

Want a free homemade Christmas card mailed from me to you?!?!??!

Go to my ASK BOX and leave your name and address! I won’t post it on my blog, but I will mail you my own cute little cards with a cute little message just for cute little old you :). Happy holidays, errybody!


We here at Alpine Valley Coffee have a great sense of humor. In addition to great coffee, and fast, friendly service, we like to provide a few laughs to get you through the week! So, to be in our next video, send us a funny made up myth about coffee (something like “can coffee really prevent…

Seriously, let’s all do this. For real.


do me a favor, and I’ll give you all a dollar (unless you’re in britain, because i know the american dollar is worth like…nothing…there).

go to zync.mtv.com and nominate @kiwirabbitfru

go to zync.mtv.com and nominate @kiwirabbitfru

go to zync.mtv.com and nominate @kiwirabbitfru

go to zync.mtv.com and nominate @kiwirabbitfru

go to zync.mtv.com and nominate @kiwirabbitfru

I’ll love you forever. seriously. Plus that dollar I’m giving you can buy you a bunch of stuff.