Saturday Night Craigslist “Free” listings are endlessly entertaining.

Guilty Pleasure: Craigslist’s “Missed Connections”



see it bigger here

Call me a totally cynical a-hole, but I friggin adore Missed Connections on Craigslist for all the wrong reasons…Missed Connections are exactly that; the connection you think you may have shared with a person in passing—broadcast to the internet with reckless abandon. 

MissConn’s come in a lot of forms. From the hilariously titled and inappropriate (see above) to the melodramatic, albeit nerdily poetic:


see it bigger here.

Words cannot describe the degree of secondhand embarrassment felt when seeing humans posting about other humans that likely didn’t recognize any interaction —boldly on the internet. Every Sunday, I spend a good 20 minutes reading through the most interestingly-titled, most descriptively located, most heartbreakingly sad/pathetic/thirsty missed connections. 

But really, I guess I like them so much because it reminds me how much we all want love. Missed Connections have no age restrictions, no race limitations, no criteria aside from having a C-list account with a working email address. You really find all kinds on that thread, and they are all searching for the same thing.*


*well some are very honestly just looking for prostitution opportunities, but mostly I think these people want love…


can i talk you down to $15?

Cue me spitting coffee all over my desk. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Looking for a roomate to help fill the shoes of my old roomate (passed away). Im still very emotional over chip’s death, so please bear with me. I have a seven bedroom house in Hyde Park near Ault Park. The bedroom still has a few of Chip’s things in it, but I can’t bear to move them. You will have to move them out, and in turn I will take $100 off of the first months rent, making it only $50. I also do not want Chip’s bed moved out of the bedroom, so you’ll have to sleep in it. Chip also left his favorite pair of red pajamas (the ones with the feet that are not supposed to slide, but they do), and I would knock an extra $25 a month off if you would agree to wear them once a week. Im only asking for a $50 deposit, making the total cost to move in $100, or $75 with the pajamas. Utilities will be taken care of. I’m looking for a roomate at the beginning of June, but a couple of weeks earlier or later is fine. House is close to shopping, fine dinning, and Ault Park.