mermaid-skeletons asked:

Hi, Akilah! I ran across one of your DCP Vlogs a while ago, and was wondering how you managed your natural hair/ what kind of responses your hair got during it. I start the CP in 6 days, and I'm really stressing because I don't want to have to straighten my hair for five months straight to comply with the Disney Look. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!



I actually didn’t go natural until after the Disney College Program, but I can give you advice on what I’d do now if I was going back!

The Disney Look is a pretty loose guideline. What they’re really hard on is extreme hairstyling and facial hair and piercings or tattoos. They won’t mind if you have curly hair, or a fro, or braids or twists—and those guidelines only apply during your work day. So if for 8 hours you just put your hair in a ponytail and wear a cute headband, you can do whatever you want on Disney property for the rest of your free time. With my hair now, I’d probably just do a wash n’ go, or on lazy days do a little afro puff or twists. I really hope that helps :D