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Akilah. 24. NYC by way of the Queen City. Take your brown eyes, your pretty smile, your silhouette.

WARNING: Do not take this blog too seriously. It is all encompassing of the fleeting thoughts I have, even if they are just momentary. Don't read too far into me.
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  • beyonce doesn’t have one
  • do you really need any other reason

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I’m so sick of hearing about what diets you’re on, what food group you’ve eliminated, how bad you feel about eating a bagel, how good you feel after soulcycle. I don’t care. You’re boring. 


I’m so happy you’re healthy and that your brain is consumed 99% of the time with what you or someone else is eating but seriously I don’t care to hear about it anymore. I’m so bored I could scream.

The moment I started eating processed-ass food all the time I started losing weight. The world is a scam. 

There, now it’s on the internet so I have to do it. Which means I’m going to bed. Which means you could solicit some advice from me for this new video series I’m doing. And I could wake up and read it and love on it and love on you okay bye.

Just in time for the buzzer, I just started VEDA. “What’s VEDA?” you inquire alone on your couch in a onesie probably. Well, VEDA is “Vlog Every Day April” but I’m on CP Time and it’s now VLOG almost EVERY DAY APRIL. 

Tonight we’re talking about weight loss and getting hot for summer. 


Okay, so I’m new to this whole blog scene. I’m from KY okay… we hear about things wayyyy after the rest of the country. I think I made my best friend in the whole world, Akilah, very proud by creating this tumblr, or fitblr as I hear they are called. Anyway, I decided to make a blog to help keep…

My friend Tiffany is seriously the bravest, most awesome person ever for putting herself out there. If you’re trying to get healthier, or just want to follow someone awesome, seriously Go. Do. It.

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I kind of want to be one of those girls who’s like all about health and eating vegetables and wearing spandex and packing a gym bag and using her gym membership but the very thought is like a high-intensity workout that overwhelms me.