Maybe….maybe I’m filming some Olivia Pope stuff. But by maybe I mean definitely and holy shit I think you guys are gonna love it. (also, yes that’s my hair)



 So now you’ve decided that the one thing you want is my daughter, my child, mine! What I made. What I created.

best scene of the whole episode

Like, let’s get the rest of the gifset. The “You love that she is a door marked exit” line-like, I want it tattooed on my body.

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Why Even Do Serving Sizes Exist?



As I stood in my dimly-lit kitchen this morning pouring a bowl of cereal—Frosted Mini Wheats and Raisin Bran (cereal mixologist, coining the term)—I couldn’t help but notice that to have only 1 cup of cereal would be an unreasonable request when even the mini-est of wheats command too much space and volume. Like maybe 6 mini wheats fit in a cup, are they nuts? Why even do serving sizes exist?!

This is a rhetorical question as obviously serving sizes were created by male scientists who have no concept of the energy needed to combat environmental and emotional factors.* If they understood these factors, we would no longer have serving sizes, and scientists might run the risk of looking bad because some humans are like bunnies and will eat themselves to death if there isn’t a numerical explanation to deter them from doing so.** 

Any reasonable person knows that the serving size for tortilla chips, chocolate bars, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch is “until you hate yourself,” but what about  the outside factors that affect the actual serving sizes?

Environmental Factors:

  1. Perhaps all of the clean moderate-to-small-sized dishes are dirty or inaccessible and all that’s left are those behemoth Thanksgiving plates at the bottom of the dish pile. How dumb are you gonna look if you don’t pile more food on to compensate for the additional land area?
  2. You put salsa in a bowl because the jar it comes in is too small for dipping, and now you have too much salsa for the chips you planned to eat and putting it back in the jar is essentially double-dipping to a terroristic degree.
  3. All those breakfast bars you bought at that great sale that one time are about to expire and if being from the South taught you anything it’s that letting food expire is a character flaw.

Emotional Factors:

  1. Maybe you’re a huge Scandal fan, and Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant are screaming back and forth about how much they love each other even though it is inconvenient and unfair to the 1st lady and you need to finish that pint of ice cream for it all to make sense.
  2. Maybe one of your friends doesn’t watch Scandal so you can’t recap it with them and now you have to talk to some spaghetti about it.
  3. Maybe Scandal is going on one of those mid-season hiatuses and now you’ll have to watch something else at 10pm on Thursdays.

*It is possible that the environmental factors could be avoided by transitioning into adulthood and buying more dishes/washing the ones you already have. And it is also possible that maybe watching a less thrilling, evocative series on TV could remedy your desire for bad foods. Anything is possible.

**Math deters most people from proceeding further in most areas of life. Use it for manipulation.


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superlen asked:

I think I'm going to message you every Thursday when Scandal comes on because SCANDAL. And because I don't know that many people who enjoy it. But mostly because SCANDAL.


I’m freaking out and realizing how badly I need to get laid and also how much I’m obsessed with “Olitz” and how goddamn this show’s writing is so punchy and good.


superlen asked:

Scandal tonight. Asdfghjkl;? I think so.


SO HARD. SO EXCITED. I’m even going to do that thing where from the right angle and lighting I resemble a well-nourished Kerry Washington: