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I Hate the G Train.

I was having a great night. I saw my beautiful friend perform burlesque for a Planned Parenthood event (Ingeniously titled “Immaculate Contraception”)

But then it took 2 hours to get home when it should have taken 13 fuckin minutes.

This is why people use G-Train as a synonym for “unreliable bullshit.”


Fuck that party, it’s G-Train.

Like that. 

Ugh I’m so tired now and I hate it and NYC is really being a pain in my whole asshole right now.

Why should women be paid equal to men? Men have been in the working world a lot longer and deserve to be paid at a higher rate. Heck, I’m a working mom and I’m not paid a dime. I depend on my husband to provide for me and my family, as should most women… and if a woman does work, she should be happy just to be out there in the working world and quit complaining that she’s not making as much as her male counterparts. I mean really, all this wanting to be equal nonsense is going to be detrimental to the future of women everywhere. Who’s going to want to hire a woman, or for that matter, even marry a woman who thinks she is the same, if not better than a man at any job. It’s almost laughable. C’mon now ladies, are you with me on this?

Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney


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-Talked to Scooter Magruder. His youtube channel is blowing up, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

-Voice seems a little bit less squeaky, so maybe I can actually record stuff this weekend.

-It was pay day.

-Saw Mason. He was so cute and cuddly. He kept telling Tasha that I was his best friend.


-Was exhausted all day.

-People kept talking to me and I couldn’t respond.

-My tire light is on AGAIN.

-Forgot about this YELP event and oh yeah, my company didn’t end up supplying water, so now I get to look forward to the backlash on Monday. (fuck my life)

-Tried to fix the YELP situation, but it decided to be lightning-and-rain-a-palooza which subsequently became “everyone ram your cars into everyone else’s cars -a-palooza” on the highway. 

-Kroger card didn’t actually help the price of gas that much…