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Akilah. 24. NYC by way of the Queen City. Take your brown eyes, your pretty smile, your silhouette.

WARNING: Do not take this blog too seriously. It is all encompassing of the fleeting thoughts I have, even if they are just momentary. Don't read too far into me.
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said no one ever.


We talkin’ instagram filters and angles and whatnot.

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1. Gratuitous selfie promotion.

2. Primetime appearances on dizzying gameshows.

3. Finding cute things on long Brooklyn walks.

4. Being hypnotized by words sometimes.

5. Winning ‘scream from MilkMade

6. The cutest boy being the cutest fox.


8. Having jet black eyes and showing them to you.


xo - Akilah


I’m just A-ing some Qs I received on Tumblr. If you asked me something, maybe I answered it, and if I didn’t get to it, I’m sorry! Let’s do this more often!

Got another social media client tonight. He’s a super successful hairdresser in SoHo and he’s paying me in hair favors. My shit is about to be laid to the Gods.


Hello tumblr, i love you <3 :)

This human being is an amazing painter, and is also a beautiful little snowflake. Follow her, duh.


After I made the cab journey from LaGuardia to Brooklyn and crash-landed on my friend’s couch, I did the hard work of finding some Craigslist randos with which to live. I met with a few apartments, but the dream apartment—the one with the most space, light, and affordability chose me and I moved in. By all objective accounts, I lucked out. My roommates are smart, interesting, respectful, and (mostly) clean. I even get to share a nice couch, a flat-screen tv in the living room, and dishes! So this is just sort of general complaints one could have about their roommates, if they have any at all:


1. Ain’t No Damn Chip-Clips. Growing up I never had the luxury of using a “chip-clip” to seal open food containers. My family was big on rubber bands. As an adult I really do see the appeal of the chip-clip. For starters, it’s two steps: fold bag, clip bag. It also is cost-effective, being probably $5 for a set of 8-10 in different sizes and colors. How do you not have any chip-clips? I don’t eat chips anymore, but I do have qualms with open food containers summoning the insect creepy-crawlies from the depths of unwashed Brooklyn. Too often I resort to using whatever fuzzy hair-tie I can find on the floor to secure the bags. Not okay!


2. The Thermostat War. To quote my mother: I’m not payin to heat up the outside! The weather has been slowly cooling down since October, and the moment I noticed it, I undertook the arduous task of removing the A/C unit from my window. It was dangerous—I put a garbage bag on my bed to shield it from whatever muck adhered to the bottom of the exposed unit. It was heavy—I am a small woman with no muscles to speak of—but somehow I got it done. I’m not saying I’m the busiest roommate, but I do think that if I can find 15 minutes to remove and store my a/c unit to encourage a maximum apt. temp of 68*, then I think you can too! Until then, I guess I’ll just keep waking up in the middle of the night to molten temperatures and moist skin. Yikes.


3. Boys…Just…Face Hair!!! I get it, being a boy is tough. Having an inexplicable condition where your face transforms into a werewolf overnight is inconvenient at best. It’s almost as inconvenient as me puking in my mouth when I’m about to brush my teeth because I see the beard homicide that has replaced my once sparkly bathroom. I should not be tempted to pet the sink! We’ve gotta do something about this face-fuzz issue. Perhaps a plastic grocery bag can catch the hairs before the sink does? Maybe we can all put a few bucks towards a dust-buster? I’m just riffing, but any suggestions would be appreciated. (also: this is not my sink, omg if this was my sink I’d jump off a cliff)


4. Drunk Binges. Not to be confused with “Binge Drinking,” drunk binges consist of getting utterly shipwrecked and proceeding to eat all of my cheese out of the fridge. I should probably thank you for keeping my diet in-tact, but I was really looking forward to that grilled cheese all day and now I have to settle for a mustard and mayonnaise sandwich. Tragic.

Is it horrible that I can’t even think of another problem? That’s how good I’ve got it. But yeah, do you have roommates? What gripes do you have?


Boing (Taken with Cinemagram)

Baked gluten free brownies that were too good. Uh oh.


If you saw my video yesterday, you know that I went to Lush Cosmetics in Manhattan for some all natural goodies for my body and hair. Lush is a pretty big chain, so you just might have one in your area. Anywho, this post is all about the natural hair booty* I came away with. *I know I could have used a plethora of words other than booty, but I try to use it where I can…


The Big Tease is this seriously amazing gel that works wonders on my wet, natural hair. All of the ingredients are from the earth and not some terrifying lab, so I didn’t have any problems with flaky crusties. Plus the hold lasted like 2 days, which, again, not something you see very often with natural hair products. 


Once the gel and my hair dried, I put on this hair moisturizer, R&B. I do this every day. It’s my new favorite moisturizer because it smells good, but it’s not overpowering like Miss Jessie’s products, and it stays moisturized longer than anything else I’ve used. Score!


So this is how my hair looked at the end of doing it. You can’t really tell much of a difference, but the curls are definitely more defined, and definition = cute hair. I’ll do a tutorial on these products soon—so you should probably subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

Until next time,


Oh Inna Modja, please meet me in Paris and let’s switch lives for a day like in The Parent Trap

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