This may be my favorite CH video of the year. The actor (Carl Foreman Jr) completely nails the tone and speech pattern of a subway panhandler. 

First reaction shot is so great.

This is amazing.

This is so good. 


Hey peeps! I had a field piece air last night! In case you missed it, here it is! 

The part about Lincoln giving people liberties. Just, please just watch I’m ugly laughing at work.

Oh god, parents make my Facebook stream totally worth it.

Greatest Story To Ever Happen in 2013.

So my buddy at work was looking over his okcupid profile, and enlisted my help in responding to a girl. I wrote up something witty that might inspire her to put on pants and brave the cold to meet him for a drink.

We then got onto my account so I could show him all the weird messages I get. I go to the second page of messages, and he’s like “OMG I MESSAGED YOU?!”

He hit on me before I even worked here. Best. Ever.

Even better, I didn’t respond. HA!