When I was a little kid I would strip completely naked and lay on the floor if I wasn’t wearing the same underwear as my sister who is 1 day short of a year older than me. I’m admitting this on the internet. Hi.
I’m gonna go pregame karaoke.

When I was a little kid I would strip completely naked and lay on the floor if I wasn’t wearing the same underwear as my sister who is 1 day short of a year older than me. I’m admitting this on the internet. Hi.

I’m gonna go pregame karaoke.

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when I do things right at work, my boss sends me pictures of corgis.


It’s a great day over here at the MilkMade HQ. The day is beautiful and bright. It’s full of really important decisions like “which is better - cookie dough or soft baked cookies?!” And today, a dream has been realized. Today, we received our first haul. 

Our newest member Akilah participated in that whole Guess the Flavor gig we played a couple weeks back (view that here) and she guessed right - mango coconut. So, as her prize, we sent her a delivery of our Flavors of the Month. She filmed the experience for her YouTube channel, and, man, it made our day. 

We think we just might send her pints every month just to see what she has to say about them. 


This lady on the train this morning did that thing where she brushed passed me to get into the only available seat, and I thought about being miffed but realized she was wearing white sandals AND IT’S THE DAY AFTER LABOR DAY AND LUCKILY FOR ME I’LL NEVER BE THAT TACKY.


Sorry I’ve been completely absent lately. Like entirely. I actually haven’t updated any wordy words in forever it feels like. I’ve been all over the place.

-Spring is finally coming which means (a) no more seasonal exhaustion/hibernation attempts and (b) another good reason to shave.

-This hair weave is coming out in the next few days - week. I liked it this go-round so perhaps it will be revisited soon.

-Cicadas are coming, or so I hear. Big ol’ pile of nope.

-I’m endlessly confused and I feel like I’m Alice in Wonderland trying to figure out this new reality and existence and trying to stop looking for meaning in everything. Shit is rough.

My Day at Epcot Center



In another lifetime, I worked at Disney World in the Magic Kingdom. Before the festivities of Playlist Live, I had a full day to spend at Epcot to roam around with Blake and enjoy all it had to offer. These are my stories. DUN DUN.image

I got a quick mirror shot before we headed out. I’m not sure how I feel about this weave (especially after the humidity and my hair’s lack of a poker face). I do, however, love this scarf and dress from the Gap.image

The weather in Orlando was so nice that day. It was mostly 80* and it rained intermittently, but there were plenty of places to duck in and avoid the weather.image

I think Blake was excited about riding the tram, but he is always remiss to show it. Also, I’d like to preface this with an apology as all photos of Blake will be from a low angle because he is roughly twice my height.image

For scale…imageimageimage

The Flower & Garden Festival is going on til the end of April I think? so I basically fan-girled all the dope topiaries and exhibits.


They also had food and booze to accompany the floral festivities, which again, yes, we partook. image

Italy.                                                          image

Morocco.                                                                  image

France.                             image

After some rain we headed back to Future World for one of my favorite attractions in all of Disney World: Captain EO. imageimage Followed by the aquarium after The Seas with Nemo and Friends.imageimageimage

And finally, we finished off the evening with Illuminations, the fireworks spectacular in the middle of The World Showcase. I am already planning to visit Orlando for Halloween (Mickey’s Not So Scary and live Rocky Horror at Universal have to happen…). It was such a magical experience, guys. Even as an adult it felt like an enchanted place.



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And so, this was Friday of last week.

Relaxing Things



If you follow my blog regularly, you should be pretty darn surprised by how inactive I’ve been over the past 2 weeks. I could go on a pretty long rant about how I can’t believe I got sick again, followed up by how excited I was about packing and going to Orlando, but I’ll spare you. This is a post about relaxation.image

Sometimes you just need to soak your body in hot water and lavender oils and stop all worry and anxiety and panic and whatever else and think about the warmth.image

I’m learning that it’s okay to have “me-time” and to need to be away from the constant whirrr of my computer’s incessant fan. I never mean to complain, but I’m hoping you’ve figured out that I’m back. I needed a break to get my solace together, but now I am back.


Why Does Anyone Live In NYC?


Everything smells
Like chicken feet
Or cigarette butts
Or cigarette vaginas
I said it.
It smells like shit outside
And I don’t care if this is Bushwick
I did not move to New York City
To be broke
And living in a stink womb.
I did not move to New York City 
For this:
February is hard
February is lonely
Even if you’re not alone.
I recently changed the positioning of my bed in my bedroom to soak up a little more feng-shui. I moved my bed next to the window and it’s actually quite lovely. The first night I slept in the new arrangement, the moon shone light right by my pillow all Fievel in American Tail-like and I thought to myself Ah, yes, this is it.
Then this morning, I woke to the putrid smell of a moist New York beneath an unhealthily depressing grey sky, and an article in the Huffington Post prizing our little NYC as the 10th most miserable city in America. 
Great. Happy Saturday. Congratulations. You pay too much for rent, too much for your career, and too much for f*ing peanut butter — all so that a “journalism-sort-of” news site can tell you that you brought this upon yourself.
And yeah, okay. At least it’s not Detroit. And people talk about this all the time. Blahblahblahblah, new york  is like an abusive boyfriend,
Blahblahblahblah, it’s a love-hate relationship, blahblahblahblah, blah blah blah. 
My question is, WHY? No but really, why are we doing this to ourselves? And this is coming from someone who absolutely loves this city. I love everything about it including, I admit, the misery. I promote this city like it is some neat and unheard of dive bar with the best tater tots a human has ever tasted. But the reality is, there are hundreds and thousands of cities that
did not make that top 10 list of miserable cities to live in. There are cities and towns with trees and blue skies and birds and people are happy and everybody is eating bagels and nobody is vegan or on a gluten-free diet. There are cities where more risks are being taken with art and music and performance and more space is available to actualize creative ideas. There are places where TIME is an actual thing that people have. Time to make art to make love to make dinner, even.
There is no punch line to this post. And no, I am not moving to LA. I will continue to consider New York my home. But on this glum-drum Saturday, I just ask you, O reader, to consider a bit. And maybe let’s like, change the world, or paint some cool shit, or like join a food co-op or something and make New York worth living in despite the financial woes, polluted streets and…well…homicide rates. Til then, I leave you with this:

This post is everything. Although, I’m making it a mid-year resolution to fall back in love with this city, damn it.

My roommate’s brother and his friend are in town.

I forgot she told me that was what was happening, so you can imagine my surprise when this super hot guy walks into the living room and I’m free-boobing in my batman hoodie with my clammy sick-face wearing “Happy Bunny” pajama pants with my hair looking like a mess.

Just kill me please.