Too tired to wash my face. But I want to go to bed. But I won’t go to bed with makeup on.

~*~Existential Crisis~*~

Let me preface by saying that I was not blessed in the eyelashes department. Some girls have fairy-princess-mermaid-llama eyelashes…mine are more like chemotherapy eyelashes.

That said, he didn’t say anything at all, which is so bizarre because, like, you know….eyelashes don’t just fall out like that. In fact, even falsies tend to shift all over before just flying off your face—so…the entire interaction was probably way more awkward than I even knew at the time.

They were just regular old false eyelashes—WHICH MAKES IT WAY WORSE OMG. Because at least if they looked hella fake he wouldn’t be too surprised (unless guys really think ladies have baby doll eyes), but it was like a normal eyelash situation just jumpin off my face. 


photo by Akilah Hughes

yes, Erica is always a model, even when she’s packing clothes and holding her cat. Take note.

backwards cardigan OOTD (by nessa k)

how are my friends sooooo attractive? like, if I wore a friggin cardigan backwards it would not turn out immaculate.