Watch me look up the butt of a Snoopy Balloon

The 2013 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Inflation Vlog!

I’m down the street from Times Square in my office.

Things are insane. I left to get food before improv tonight (which I’m missing now) and (a) none of the credit card machines work at the restaurants and (b) there are so many cops and people in the streets. Like, I cannot handle the chaos. I should have left early.

There’s a better picture of my favorite midtown building. Swank.

There’s a better picture of my favorite midtown building. Swank.

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Like, I guess I could just call my boss and be like “hey, the cab company isn’t picking up the phone and I’m not going to take 8 buses to get into work after 2, and oh yeah, my train is still out of order from Hurricane Sandy, so just email me what you need…”

Urgh, my last day is tomorrow, and the only reason I’d really need to go in would be to get my check.

BUT I STILL HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET TO MANHATTAN. My improv classes start tonight aghhhhh.

Takin it to the Street: The Rest of Fashion’s Night Out 2012!


If you saw my last post, which happened very recently, you saw that I participated in Fashion’s Night Out. It’s this great event (that is quickly becoming my new favorite holiday) that takes place in Manhattan the night before New York Fashion Week really kicks off. 

There’s loads of great deals, parties, celebrities, giveaways, and people just dressed really freakin cool. 

Reality tv stars completely took over Lord & Taylor on 5th and 38th! The lines were so long, but management kept us busy with games, keys that could unlock boxes filled with goodies, and booze. Glorious, glorious booze.

Every floor had a dj and some interactive element. Whether you were meeting Kim Kardashian or just hanging out in the photobooths, there was plenty to do.

I even got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Keiko Lynn. The direct pictures I took of her came out totes blurry and obviously I went rogue paparazzo and snagged this one.

The big trend I saw everywhere were studs. I’ve finally been convinced to buy a pair of studded heels.

Then I took it to the street and just photographed as many cool looking people as I could:

Have you ever been in NY for Fashion Week? Do you have any recommendations for the next few days?

Guys, go follow my other blog, I’m posting pictures from Fashion’s Night Out and stuff…

That Time I Saved A Girl on the Train Tracks….


This is a true story. It sounds ridiculously unbelievable, but I swear to you it is as true as true gets.

I decided to go towards Times Square for lunch today. I work like 4 blocks from it, but it was too hot to walk in the crowds, and I honestly didn’t feel like getting a sweaty face before I had to go to an interview this evening. As I descended into the feverous 7 train platform, I realized that (a) oddly no one was around and (b) someone was screaming for help.

I didn’t exactly run towards the screaming. My instincts have always been all about self preservation, so I half-heartedly walked over to make sure the danger wasn’t approaching me. I found a young 20 something girl standing with a crushed up iPhone in her hands, on the train tracks.


Just a bit of back-story, the 7 train comes and goes roughly every 5-6 minutes. Why anyone would ever get on the 7 train tracks is a mystery to me. The G train typically has 15 minutes between trains, so at least it’s more than enough time to ponder getting on the tracks, work up the nerve to get on the tracks, get on the tracks, and then get the hell off the tracks.

Anyway, she was hysterically telling me that she couldn’t pull herself back up. Of course that was the time I heard the rumbling of the train approaching. She had about 35 seconds to get out of there, and luckily I and all my biceps (joke) and upperbody strength (another joke) was there to save her.

So I laid down on the unforgivably filthy platform and helped pull her back up. She rolled onto the platform with about 15 seconds to spare. In that 15 seconds, I told her that her crushed up cell phone was not worth dying over, and that if I hadn’t shown up, what would she have done? Just gotten killed because she wanted to play angry birds? UGH!

In hindsight, I probably could have been nicer, but between the platform being overheated, my body having to make contact with easily one of the germiest places in the entire world, and exerting myself more than I ever would want to, I couldn’t muster up enough sympathy. She thanked me and ran up the stairs crying, and I decided I was not hungry anymore.

Weather Small-Talk in the Elevator

  • Exasperated older woman: It's so hot out there today. So so hot.
  • Me: Yeah, it really is
  • Exasperated older woman: It'll be fall soon, though. We only get one day of fall.
  • Me: One day?
  • Exapserated older woman: and then 10 months of winter.
  • Me: hmph
  • Exasperated older woman: it's so hot.