I faced my fears and got a blue manicure. I don’t hate it.

This will go in my memoirs as “that year I painted my nails.”

Guys. Listen. I have an announcement:

I’m getting my nails done finally today. I know you were all worried about my increasingly ratchet, month-old manicure. Rest assured, I’m going to get them fixed today. I’m sorry for the delay.

I’m too OCD for glitter nail polish…

I mean the kind with the big chunks. There was a glitter chunk hanging over the actual nail onto the finger, so I peeled the entire nail polish off the nail. Then I did all of them. So I just repainted all my nails because of one piece of glitter. If this happens again tomorrow, I quit.

considering the possibility that nail polish expires. my entire house smells like chemicals and i’m getting lightheaded.

but not so lightheaded that I’m not doing a second coat, come on…