New Year’s 2k11: A Review.

-Was sick all day, but made it work.

-Went to the Kitty Kat Klubhouse. Pet some cats.

-Drank an entire bottle of champagne alone, did not realize.

-Painted fingernails.

-Posed for pics.

-Texted a cute girl intermittently.

-Texted my mom.

-Got sick outside of my car and in a bathroom. So considerate.

-Passed out on a couch in what appeared to be an abandoned elementary school…

-Woke up to two men trying to make me a nest out of couch cushions and a guy leaning on my hair…

-“I’m just a bachelorrrrrrr, looking for a partner. Someone who knows how to ride without even falling offff”

-Attempted to steal a chihuahua

-Told a girl she had ugly pants because she did and she was being mean to my friends so she deserved it.

-Left after our Kanye song got cut off.

-Ate nachos. Sobered up. Drove home. 

What an insane evening. There are so many gaps in my memory, but all the rest were good. Happy New Year!