I’m turning 25 on Sunday, so to celebrate I flew my mommy to NYC (her first time here), and we’re going to do all the things. She just texted me saying she cried when she saw the city out the window of the plane. 

I’m so excited for her.


Another NYC rooftop with @akilahh #brooklyn #nyc

Lookin cute ta boot.


Do you have an EVIL ROOMMATE?!
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The true story of that time I ended up in a tiny apartment with Gilbert Gottfried, Michael Gregory, Andrew WK, and Scott Rogowsky. 


Collab-a-dabb-a-doo with bethinshow! We give you all the good and bad reasons to move to NYC! 

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So you think you can handle the syringes and roommates that NYC will bring you? We’ll see about that….



There’s so much thought and emotion that happens before having a conversation with the camera; there’s more to it than just delivering the lines. You have to:

  1. Make sure your hygiene is up-kept.
  2. Ask yourself if you still have a social life.
  3. Fix your hair, tame your hair.
  4. Learn how to edit on a program like Final Cut Pro X.
  5. Work really hard at not being boring. Challenge yourself to be entertaining.
  6. Know how the right lighting can do wonders.

I’ve been pushing myself harder than I ever have to get better at everything so I can start my career somewhere here in NYC. Guess for now, by day, I’ll be walking lots of four legged friends to pay the rent..

(a.k.a. getting paid to exercise!!)

hansmosis is incredible. Follow his blog. look at this picture so cuuuuute!


My First Video on YouTube!

My baby love friendly friend Hans just launched his YouTube channel! Check it out an subscribe


Anyone else’s block look like this?

There’s literally a dumpster where some cars used to be now. I’m not kidding. Someone cut out the middle man and was like, “lemme put this dumpster here so my trash doesn’t have to sit in the snow”

(via dimwen)


New Blaria Podcast w/Girl Code star Tanisha Long! We talk GC, a crazy family revelation, & the time I cussed her out (in my head, of course!)

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Phoebe is amazing. Tanisha is amazing. These are NYC dream girls just fyi.