Olivia Pope’s Daily Affirmation (SCANDAL Parody)

The first in a series I’m working on.

Maybe….maybe I’m filming some Olivia Pope stuff. But by maybe I mean definitely and holy shit I think you guys are gonna love it. (also, yes that’s my hair)


Kerry Washington hosts Saturday Night Live - 11/2/13 (x)

She is the cutest ever. Seriously.

The people who used to make fun of me for “talking White” are the same people obsessed with Scandal.

Me and Olivia Pope are dismissing you.


Jennifer Hudson sings “God Bless America” with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir

(Photo: Evan Vucci / AP)

In an emotional pre-Super Bowl moment, Hudson and the choir all wore green ribbons, a sign of their support for the school, which lost 20 students and 6 staff members in a horrific December shooting.

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Kerry Washington’s Scandal bangs are inspiring everyone’s hairstyles.

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superlen asked:

Scandal tonight. Asdfghjkl;? I think so.


SO HARD. SO EXCITED. I’m even going to do that thing where from the right angle and lighting I resemble a well-nourished Kerry Washington:


Whoaaaa, my blog post about Django got featured in the film tag. I’m so happy you all liked it.