playlist live check-in

  • drunk. a bunch.
  • parties are a ton of fun though, really.
  • my voice is all cute and cracky because i been screamin (i been screamin)
  • have to talk on a panel in 7 hours about the gender gap on youtube and how to solve that crisis
  • and be ready to check out
  • and be ready to be at the airport at 4:30.
  • FUDGE.

Pre-playlist Disney vlog! I just got done drinking around the world, so I’m basically dead. Here’s a recap of the two days prior…….

Speaking on the “Women on Youtube Panel” at Playlist Live

Next week can’t get here soon enough.

For all your crazy kids wondering: This is how I met Adande—Swoozie.

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I feel like most of you don’t really care, but I want your opinions really badly I do…

What on Earth should I do videos about? I have wanted to do more but then I get nervous because I can’t think of anything and my mind literally farts out of my ear which is unbecoming and so if you have any suggestions I will fall in love with you probably?

I am at the airport leaving 80* weather for 30* weather. My flight is delayed. I haven’t slept normal hours in days. And as much as those factors bum me out, I had pretty much the greatest weekend ever.

Hey look here’s a flattering photo!


Black over-attached girlfriend face meme.

If you ever wanted to see the least flattering photo of me and my tan line taken by the biggest d-bag on the internet, you’re in luck!

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you, without a dope video of me drinking and reviewing to step to….

Tipsy Book Review: Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham”

Go follow me on Twitter I’m not soft grunge enough for these numbers…

Go follow me on Twitter I’m not soft grunge enough for these numbers…