Some people will never grow up and hold themselves accountable for where they are in their lives. We all make choices, some better than others, but more important than the choices we make is the way we handle them. Blaming others for our poor planning only makes us weaker and pushes everyone away. I hope in 2013 you learn that, or you’re going to push everyone away for good.

I entered a contest and I need to win.I’m giving away a $100 gift card to someone who votes for the idea. Related: I’m currently losing to an idea called Cheesesicles. It’s cheese on a fucking stick. This cannot stand.

I’m thinking of doing daily videos during the week in May. Give me video suggestions?

I sang it out loud just like the jingle for the show. I’m going to think this every time he comes up now.

(via applecores)

someone gimme their netflix info, i won’t post it, i just wanna watchhhhhh.

mine got turned off :(