I commented on his video because I’m sick of it. I’m sick of a community that will so quickly and vehemently rid themselves of a guy pinching cute White girl asses, but is too cowardly to speak out against prominent youtubers who have been racist in videos, on stage at Vidcon, and elsewhere….

Bitch shut the fuck up. I don’t see people attacking Wanda Sykes for making fun of white people and playing stereotypical Caucasians. I don’t see people talking about katt Williams portraying the stereotypical white male. I DONT SEE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT SNOOP DOGG PLAYING WHITE FACE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID DUMB BITCH!!!!! You just want a reason because franchesca! Make your own decisions and quit following other people. I don’t see people talking about anjelah Johnson a Hispanic comedian who always plays the roles of Thai women who work in nail salons! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE FOR THAT!!! HUH EXPLAIN TO ME WHERE THAT IS!!!! YOU CANT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!!! PEOPLE THINK ITS FUNNY SNOOP DOG IS PAINTING HIS FACE WHITE AND CALLIG HIMSELF TODD. UNTIL YOU HAVE A VALID REASON QUIT BASHING OTHER PEOPLE!!!!

Go on, Shane. Tell him he’s wrong. Tell him I’m not a bitch and he’s wrong.

No? Oh that’s right, because you’re a coward.

Learn About Privilege

Privilege is the fact that when all other things being equal, you still wouldn’t switch places with the person across the table, i.e.:

A skinny woman with the exact same hair, eyes, lips, nose, health-level, and income as a fat woman would not switch places with her if given the opportunity.

A white man with the exact same education level, socioeconomic status, and living conditions would not switch places with a black man if given the opportunity.

A cis-gendered man with the same job, same apartment, same body-type, would not switch places with a transwoman/gay man/woman etc., if given the opportunity.

So when you get on your soap box about how one time someone made you personally feel bad as proof that privilege doesn’t exist, ask yourself if you would switch places with the oppressed. Ask yourself if people who look like you are the ones who really need to be uplifted or protected. Ask yourself if even with the bad thing that happened to you, if you are disadvantaged for the rest of your life because of it. Ask yourself if you’d rather be on the other side of the issue.

That’s privilege.



We’ve received numerous messages about certain YouTubers who have been racist not only in their own videos, but in person to other YouTubers at recent conventions. This is not okay. This will not be tolerated. While we work to promote less visible YouTubers of color, we also are not blind…

I had hoped my run in with her was an isolated incident but it seems there’s a trend here. Calling out hateful people is always what’s right.

On Blocking People on YouTube…

I think the greatest argument against the “corporations are people” line is the new wave of content creators with a face on the internet. Whether that be bloggers, writers, youtubers, musicians, etc., Now more than ever people are representing themselves and their beliefs to the masses, and I think that’s brave and great and difficult and a stark change from what media has traditionally promoted.

Recently I was talking to people about banning certain viewers from my channel. Simply put: If someone says something racist, transphobic, homophobic, sexist, etc., on my channel or on my videos, with clear intent to hurt me or the viewers (not to learn or be educated)—I ban their ass.

And this is much different than, say, a corporation getting hate on their Facebook walls. It wouldn’t make sense for Oreo to ban every single person who says they disagree with gay marriage because at the end of the day, they make and sell addictive cookies, regardless of their social beliefs. In many cases on that scale, it is better to say nothing.

My videos are very much my beliefs. I’m not selling anything other than who I am, and I have the power to veto anyone who may think they have any sort of power on my channel to post damaging hurtful remarks. I feel that by allowing that vitriol to stay on my videos, or responding to it directly gives it validity, and the last thing I want is a young person (because that’s who watches Youtube videos) coming to my page and thinking that something that they are, or something that their friends or family are is wrong or should be punished or should be looked down on. 

Go to reddit if you want to be a personified fedora. But don’t think you can abuse my channel.

On the Leslie Jones “Slave Rape” Jokes on SNL this Weekend…


I didn’t want to write about this. God, I didn’t want to write about this.

I think Leslie Jones is smart and talented, and if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have gotten the job at SNL. I think we all can agree that slave “breeding” does not equal romantic love, it is rape. I think we can all agree that the audience for SNL on a weekend hosted by the guy who plays Spiderman was likely not too terribly diverse. And I think we can all agree that the fall out has been immense.

My only point to add to this, is that a lot of my body image and self worth problems growing up are attributed to the thinking that accompanies a joke like this; The whole, “Big Black Girls Are Ugly/Undesirable/Unlovable” schtick.Typically it is not someone who looks like me saying these things or thinking these things, which is why I think Leslie’s bit cut so much deeper

Even today,  I have a hard time not seeing myself that way—as a big Black Undesirable Woman—because society tells us that all Black women are Big Black Ugly Undesirable women. It’s not true, it’s not fair, and I’m really tired of it. I’m 5’4” (far from big), I’m kind, I’m smart, and I am not ugly, but there is a damaging stereotype here that informs a lot of the same thinking as, “It’s not that I’m racist, I just don’t date Black girls.” OR “You’re really pretty for a Black girl” because in her joke, she’s made Lupita the exception. Lupita has been accepted by White people as attractive. She’s gotten her pass. Do you want Lupita? Or do you want me? 

So it was just so disappointing and so uncomfortable for a Black woman to repeat that sentiment back to me. This is why I fight for more versions of Black women in popular culture. Why Kerry Washington playing a delicate woman who is smart and sensitive and in control is so important. Why the movie Belle that was just released is so critically important. Why challenging the stigma that somehow Black women are naturally undesirable is so massively important. 

The joke didn’t land with Black people because her stereotypes about being the big Black scary thing in the room is not new to us. And saying it to an audience that is predisposed to agreeing with you feels mean and thoughtless.

I’m not tearing Leslie Jones down by saying this, I am building up Black women.


The Grammys Don’t Mean Anything.


So this week I learned that The Grammy Awards are pointless. Yep. A completely fake thing. Just like the tooth fairy, easter bunny, and reparations. POINTLESS. I also reaffirmed my long held belief that white gay people are some of the most willfully obtuse motherfuckers on the planet. I don’t mean all of you, but I do mean those of you who want to talk shit about Queen Latifah who is actual GAY BLACK HIP HOP in defense of a white guy who decided to write a song in support of gay marriage and who rode that cash cow to four awards in categories that GAY BLACK HIP HOP are often left out of because in this culture war we’ve been waging since we invented modern music, white people will always be lauded as superior for imitating our original thoughts

I like gay marriage. I think the gay community has a lot of other problems, but I understand that marriage equality is the buzzword that we are all hoping will cause universal understanding of our lives. I like straight allies. I think they are the vessel by which most of modern society is learning more about how awesome we actually are. I noticed Mary Lambert is gay. That is cool, this isn’t about her. Her name isn’t Macklemore. You can stop that shit now.

I am angry because a white straight man won 4 Grammys for using rap music to deliver a message of equality and black rappers can deliver the same message of tolerance or love or understanding and be denied recognition. So this white guy found a way to express his support by appropriating a genre of music that is made by a specific marginalized group and is typically not respected. My problem is that rap is wonderful when it serves an agenda. It is successful and celebrated when white people do it. 

I am not saying white people cannot be rap artists. Macklemore exists. I am not saying that we shouldn’t be all “Hey white guy, thanks for the shoutout man.” I’m saying that it is really stupid to finish that last sentence with ” We couldn’t have done it without you.” BECAUSE WE DID IT WITHOUT YOU FOR YEARS, BUT MADONNA DIDN’T SHOW UP WITH A PIMP CANE AND NOBODY GOT MARRIED FOR THE PHOTO OP.

We invented the culture. The best part of the culture is us. They steal it from us, they make it shit, they give themselves awards.

I have been silently raging about this all week, about Kendrick, about Kanye, about how to talk to my little sister as a black lesbian woman about how being gay doesn’t really make a difference. There is a hierarchy in every social group. Straight people are not the only people who have to deal with racism and it is just as hard when your own community is blind to the injustice at the expense of good press. Aspiring to win a Grammy is the equivalent of wanting warm fries at McDonalds. It is the same circlejerk of satisfaction with fewer calories.

Hey yo, my amazing lesbian sister wrote something. Bolded the parts that you need to internalize and deal with. Maybe read it and reassess the whole “let’s all love Macklemore” bullshit ArielleisHamming thinks is change. I’ll call that girl out all night. 

  1. adilayasmini said: What do you mean the gay rights movement doesn’t want black women to be a part of it? Is that a response to this person’s video or are you talking about something more general? I mean the video is representative of a slew of problems within the movement. I think it’s absolutely horrible to play down legitimate concerns over racism in your movement because they don’t affect you directly. Like, we get it, White blonde savior Macklemore wants you to be able to get married. He also did it on the back of POC who have been championing for everyone’s rights for years, and to blatantly ignore Queen Latifah or come down on her for it (closeted or not because it’s her choice) is appalling. To discount the impact of her work because of a poorly written song is disgusting. And to say he’s doing more for gay rights because more white people are listening to him hurts my soul. I can’t get down to that. I just cannot.


Anonymous asked:

SO many of that Arielle girls videos are problematic. I saw one a few months ago where she asked women on the street what a "Chinese girl" tastes like and the (non-Asian) woman replied with "noodles." I hope she's receptive to what you're saying.


The sad thing is she’s not going to be, and has no obligation to be. There was a time months ago when I thought of reaching out to her to collab, because we’re both in New York and I thought it would be cool to work with her. I think she’s smart and entertaining, but I also think truly she’s not the problem. She’s the product of a movement that in many ways doesn’t want to be open-minded to the idea that not all help is flawless. That equality for her and people who look like her is not equality for everyone. 

RE: Macklemore and the LGBTQ Equality Movement

ArielleisHamming released a video about how “Gays don’t appreciate Macklemore’s performance” and how it’s a problem.

And while I tried to be civil and present a new perspective, I’m realizing that the LGBTQ equality movement doesn’t want me to be a part of it. They don’t want support from a black woman. It is flawed, and much like the feminist movement, there is room for improvement. I think it is irresponsible to say, “shh, don’t bring up the big black elephant in the room” because of one song of support. I think it is hurtful to every POC in your community to say cultural appropriation and racism in the industry isn’t a problem because it isn’t affecting you in this important moment. I think it is lazy to say your movement shouldn’t be self-aware and move to be all-inclusive. I think it is beyond shameful to condemn Queen Latifah for “being in the closet” when she is the only ordained minister who married anyone on the stage. And I think it is racist to act as if your rights were realized only because of the actions of one White man and negate all of the work anyone of color has done to this point.

Without rap music, there’d be no Macklemore. Who do you have to thank for that?

The people who used to make fun of me for “talking White” are the same people obsessed with Scandal.

Me and Olivia Pope are dismissing you.