Adding to this ALL NIGHT: My Mom Live-Blogs the Grammy’s

Me: “Why does lady gaga have that stick? Is she a drum major?” Mom: “She’s a major asshole”

"eff you chris brown, i hope you fall off the stage and break your effing face" -my mother really hates him…

"This is stupid. I tried to watch it, but damn." -my mom on Chris Brown

"There’s not a whole lot of words to this song apparently…but it’s still better than Chris Brown" -my mom on Rihanna

"Isn’t that Full House guy in the Beach Boys?"


"Is Stevie Wonder reading a braille teleprompter"

"Paul McCartney’s still alive? Didn’t he divorce that bitch with the one leg?" I’m crying. My mother is nuts.

"Taylor Swift and the Disney Country Bear Jamboree"

The game battleship was so boring, why would they make it into a movie?

  • You could so easily cheat. Just move the boat around and act like you’re fumbling for red pieces.
  • Any game where there’s no money to be made is not a game I’m interested in playing.
  • You couldn’t become emotionally invested in little grey boats because clearly there were no people on them, so you didn’t care if you lost.

Honestly, Hollywood, you owe us.