Say goodbye to free cocktails, designer and celebrity sightings — and late-night shopping — this September, at least in the U.S.

After four years, Fashion’s Night Out will go on a hiatus in the U.S. in 2013. The event will still be staged in select international cities.

Launched at the height of the 2009 recession in New York, FNO was a celebration of shopping at a time when it was desperately needed to jump-start the city’s economy. After a positive consumer response, the event was held again in 2010, 2011 and 2012. By its fourth year, FNO had expanded to stores in over 500 cities nationwide and 30 cities around the globe.  For More



Last week I got this truly decent oxblood colored handbag from H&M (that I can’t link to be cause of course it’s not on the website!). I filled it with some pretty basic stuff that I have at all times no matter what I have planned for the day (note: I do have more makeup things on hand from time to time but this is my bare essentials, guys).

  1. A little notebook to write every funny, stupid, interesting, profound, meaningless thing that comes to mind.
  2. My wallet that has since been stained by a rogue purple sharpie in my old purse.
  3. A smaller tote bag from Urban Outfitters, in case I end up buying something that day.
  4. Mah keys.
  5. Sunglasses from Forever 21 a hundred years ago. Their sunglasses are like $5 so I always end up with a pair or two in my bag.
  6. NYX Tea Tree Blotting Paper, because I get shiny sometimes.
  7. Wintergreen altoids. The best. Obviously.
  8. Aquaphor. Chapped lips are unhappy lips.
  9. My iTouch which is being wonky this week.
  10. Not pictured: Cell phone, MetroCard, hair-ties.

What’s can you never leave the house without?

Okay, take 2. This is what’s inside of my bag, y’all.

I’m not sure I had the correct reaction…

but uptown manhattan at Barney’s and Bergdorf’s and Hermes and Bendel’s made me super depressed today. It was like that scene in Pretty Woman where Vivien goes to get clothes and no one will help her. Well I wasn’t looking for help, but the side-eyes let me know I was out of my league.

I’m trying to save money for this completely irrational move to Brooklyn.

So logically I just bought:

-3 dresses. 2 of which are totally skanky and I love that.

-A pair of 4 inch heels that I plan to dance the hell out of.

-A wallet because I needed to stop carrying this stupid, dingy, tacky, old one (the end of an era).

-A big giant hat for my big giant hair/the sun

-Evaporated milk for my mom on the way home.

I’m going to be so foolishly stylish in Orlando! And ahhhh, my future roommate is in NYC scouting out apts. and she swears she’s already found one and I saw the video and I love it too #exposedbrick.

hey. hey there.

i’m getting really super hot. i need someone to take me shopping, as i haven’t been this hot since ‘07 and oh hey, what is style?

I went shopping for black flats and panties. I ended up with:

  • 5 pairs of panties from Victoria’s Secret
  • A black lace bra
  • 5 inch heels (ZOMG IM SO TALL WHEN I WEAR THEM)
  • black flats
  • a really cute dress for only 5 bucks
  • a black clutch
  • a superman hoodie for Mason
  • socks

I’m really far too impulsive to go to the mall alone.