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Karaoke Night at Alligator Lounge


There comes a time in all of our too-short lives that we have to sing our feelings. Maybe it’s in the shower on an early Monday morning. Maybe it’s in your car on your commute on Wednesday. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s on a Friday night in Williamsburg after a few drinks (and complimentary pizza) at Alligator Lounge.

I got halfway dolled up to meet with some of my friends from college. Apparently there is life after Berea, and a very cool one in NYC. Lilly, Audrey, Christian, and some of their friends were waiting for me— as I always show up on CP time fashionably late.

Christian (whom I know from doing musical theatre in undergrad) decided to serenade us with his rendition of a 90s classic, “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly. Pro-Tip: If you can’t think of a good song to perform, anything from Space Jam is acceptable.

Not pictured: I did “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground. I’m really glad there aren’t pictures of this because I get way too into it. I even tried to do The Humpty Dance as described in the song. It really did look like MC Hammer on crack…

The karaoke machine was having creative differences with the DJ (who looked like Zach Galifinakis OMG WHY DON’T I HAVE PICTURES OF THIS?), so karaoke got cut a bit short. Luckily for us we found this this amazing photobooth that apparently can fit upwards of 5 people. Not comfortably, but still.

Christian as Vanna White:

Lilly is a little better at it. Just look at the intensity:

There’s something to be said about karaoke. It’s the simplest concept for a bar outing, but it’s always fun. I don’t think people go with high expectations for talent so much as they go for an amazing time, and I always have one. Plus, it’s nice to see people you know and love.

Karaoke, anyone?


Anonymous asked:

what did you sing in the shower today?


I shower at night (black girl hair thing…), so I haven’t yet showered today. I probably won’t sing though because I’ve been really congested so the risk of drowning isn’t really worth it.