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Musings of the Socially Aware

Akilah. 24. NYC by way of the Queen City. Take your brown eyes, your pretty smile, your silhouette.

WARNING: Do not take this blog too seriously. It is all encompassing of the fleeting thoughts I have, even if they are just momentary. Don't read too far into me.
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Nic and I share the most embarrassing stories in an effort to make you embarrassed for us.

Call it: The Secondhand Embarrassment Challenge!


Because it’s the most fun a girl can have if there aren’t any other fun things left to do!

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Good fro day.

My life is crazy and awesome and here’s @johngreenwritesbooks!


VEDA - Days 5 and 6 — ft. CitizenM Hotel and The Gregory Bros.

I am slowly getting back on schedule AND a long overdue sketch will be coming out this week too! The antibiotics are saving my life and simultaneously eating my stomach lining, but I feel better. Like I could feel better than this, but objectively I am a lot better.

I’ll also be posting more photo posts and lifestyle stuff this week, I’ve just been absolutely swamped by life. I owe like 90 people blog posts, emails, photos, etc., #goodproblems #sorrysincerely #seeyouagainsoon

xo - Akilah


Kissin you good night from possibly the best slumber party I’ve ever been to! #citizenmnyc


VEDA- DAYS 2, 3, and 4. 

Just because I’m ridiculously ill doesn’t mean I didn’t still record stuff! Here’s episodes for Wednesday, yesterday, and today! We talk about Disney Channel Original Movies, a Broadway show w/ Jazmine, and more about me being sick.

Here’s to the upcoming sketches and consistent vlogs :D

xo - A

I did it! I actually did it!


I’m cheesin far too hard because it was a pretty horrifying accident. Have you ever had a car accident? 

yeah okay. let’s talk about teenage irresponsibility for a moment.