The creek at home.  I’m going to miss all this natural light and space.

Merry Merry Christmas!


image To me, Christmas is the best time of the entire year. I’m not particularly religious, and while I love giving gifts, I always feel too old to have a list for anyone else—but I do love it. Being able to take time off work (BIGGEST BONUS EVER) to see my darling family is so nice, and as much as I knock it, I love Kentucky and Cincinnati. I like the slower pace but the ability to go to a city if the feeling arises. I like driving. I like all of that.image As a kid, Christmas really did mean Santa, and not sleeping at all the night before. My sister and I got walkie-talkies one year, and we would chat room to room about how we were holding up under the supreme anticipation. As we got older, we watched Titanic all day Christmas Eve to make the hours pass faster. I mean literally back to back to back (it’s a really long movie, okay?). image

I’ve only been home a few days, but I already know that it’s going to be one of the best Christmases ever, because I’m lucky to be able to give gifts and be here with my fam-bam. So whatever Christmas means to you, or whatever you’re celebrating in the colder seasons, I hope it is all you’ve wished for!

Happy Holidays!




1. Watching leaves grow up and take on their new golden color in the crisper Fall air.

2. Spying on puppy dogs from coffee shop windows too early on Saturday mornings.

3. Hanging out with amazingly talented rappers on bohemian couches at friendly apartments.

4 & 5. Celebrating Brittany’s Dogtoberfest to help her raise money for the ASPCA when she runs the Disney marathon this January.

6. Seeing the contrasting-haired Brittanys together at the festive event. Too much laughing, and smiling ensued.

7. Seeing beautiful Lexi’s beautiful model face (never often enough). 

8. Caturday is every day.

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Best Fall Things Ever!


I’m super excited for Fall. It’s definitely officially here (the weather finally agrees), and these are some of the things I’m too crunk for//totally lusting after this season…

1. Apple Cider! I love apple everything all the time, but there’s something about cold weather and hot apple cider that goes together like hipsters and vinyl. I need to purchase a half gallon ASAP.

2. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING. Aww yiss! Pumpkin Spice is another favorite of mine. I recently made some pumpkin spice muffins using only a box of Spice Cake mix and a can of pumpkin. They turned out absolutely perfect. Also loving pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbuck’s. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go pumpkin bankrupt, but that’s the more delicious form of bankruptcy so I’m not upset about it.

3. RENT on DVD. Everybody between the ages of 20 and 33 moved to NYC because they saw Rent and dared to live La Vie Boheme. Well I think I’m a little more secure than they are in the play, but this adaptation is so good and really feels like Fall to me.

4. Cute Little Mugs. It’s coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider weather. You know what that means? Accessorizing with unnecessarily cute beverage containers! I can’t wait to cuddle up on my couch with an adorable mug of my favorite drinks.

5. Big Giant Scarves. Scarves are one of the only clothing pieces that I will always buy lots of. I think this is due largely to my grandmother’s collection of Yves Saint Laurent scarves. Colder weather means colder necks, and colder necks demand lush fabrics draped about themselves. You get the idea.

6. All Orange Everything. This is a color I’ve shied away from my entire life because I was convinced it made my skin look “too yellow.” I’m happy to announced that my year-round tan looks awesome in this festive color, and to drive the point home I’d really like a pair of these UrbanEars headphones in “pumpkin.”

7. Darling Boots. I need more boots. 3 pairs is not nearly enough to satisfy the need.

8. Candy. This next week is going to be candy-palooza. Sure, I’m getting over a cold and my immune system probably needs more vitamins and minerals than I’m willing to supply, but when else is it acceptable to have Kit-Kats in your purse? Get on it, guys.

Big Kiss,

Yeah, so this bug was trying to murder me this afternoon. This is why black people hate nature.

So it’s a super rainy morning in NYC. Can I tell you that I stood on my stoop in Brooklyn for no less than 2 minutes contemplating if I really needed an umbrella? Well I did, and I decided that I did not, in fact, need an umbrella.

I was wrong.

The great thing, though, is that once you’re caught in the rain, it doesn’t seem so bad. It’s like the anticipation on a rollercoaster where you think you might actually die at the drop, and when it’s over, you can only think how silly it was to be apprehensive in the first place.

And can we just agree that I’m a total creeper and should start a blog called “the back of NYC” because I’m really good at not asking people to take their pictures and just getting their backs? But come on, she had a cool umbrella and it was raining—would you have stopped?