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Akilah. 24. NYC by way of the Queen City. Take your brown eyes, your pretty smile, your silhouette.

WARNING: Do not take this blog too seriously. It is all encompassing of the fleeting thoughts I have, even if they are just momentary. Don't read too far into me.
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Time for some after diner tea c:

I have spent my evening looking at new teapots because our apartment one broke finally. This one is the cutest I’ve found so far, but I’ll probably settle for some boring shit from Target tomorrow.

#Tea addictions.

God, I love Greenwich Village.

It’s cute noun Tuesday (or Wednesday morning)

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Mugshot Monday: Calling in the Reinforcements.

I don’t even really like coffee, but I was dragging this morning so I had two cups, black. That hasn’t done the trick, so we’ll see if this sugar-free red-bull is worth its weight in salt. I personally just want to crawl back into bed and stay there for another 18 hours.

I hate it. I fucking hate it.

It’s so gross—but I need my voice to come back because I have 4 videos to make in the next few days and I really don’t want to push them back any longer. URGH.

So I’m chugging what can only be described as hot toothpaste and silent-treatment-ing everyone at work. 


Our CFO’s puppy, Amber knows where to get the cheapest, freshest, best k-cups on the web—Alpine Valley Coffee!

My work day has been completely occupied by looking at a grown man spoil this cute puppy to no end. I can’t even take it.



What is pink?

Pink is what happens when red meets white. It’s what happens when the darkness meets the dawn. It’s what happens when Breast Cancer meets its match. Today, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month starting, we’re drinking Pink Hot Chocolate from McSteven’s!


We here at Alpine Valley Coffee have a great sense of humor. In addition to great coffee, and fast, friendly service, we like to provide a few laughs to get you through the week! So, to be in our next video, send us a funny made up myth about coffee (something like “can coffee really prevent…

Seriously, let’s all do this. For real.