I’m taking ukulele lessons tomorrow.

Looks like I can answer some of my cover requestsssss.

Walk the Moon, “Anna Sun”

Here’s my video for you! Help me buy a new ukulele so I can do cute good covers! 

Doing a ukulele cover tonight.

It’s been too long.

Yeah, I did a ukulele cover of a song for you all for Valentine’s. Yeah, I’m a few days late. I never said I was a role model.

Theme from Mahogany. A movie I need to see again, and a song that I’d kill to be able to play on ukulele. The chords are soooo hard though!

another ukulele cover? well, my seasonal allergies are a bitch, so i’m literally gasping for air this whole video. let’s all just thank regina spektor for writing this song, k?

The cutest thing you aren’t watching right now.