Stephanie and I made a video for NEWS THURSDAY! You want the best news for Thursday, May 3, 2012? Yeah, it’s in this video


These videos look so effing good. Also, never NOT using this 50mm lens again. What the hell?!


The Platypus

more than one person would ever need to know about the life and times of platypuses. 



Pancake rap. This is going to become one of the biggest vids on the internet.


Look at my pancakes… 

holy shit why did it take me all day to actually watch this.

i want to rap about breakfast foods.


Easter Egg of the Day: Want to know why Community is getting canceled? Because it’s simply too amazing for this world.

You already know how chock-full of Easter Eggs it is, right? Well, someone just found the best one yet.

It seems that the writers have been sneaking the word “Betelgeuse” into the script of a single episode each season.

Check out what happened when the word was uttered a third time during the show’s Halloween episode, “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps.” (Hint: Look behind Annie.)

Pure brilliance.


(via communitythings)


We here at Alpine Valley Coffee have a great sense of humor. In addition to great coffee, and fast, friendly service, we like to provide a few laughs to get you through the week! So, to be in our next video, send us a funny made up myth about coffee (something like “can coffee really prevent…

Seriously, let’s all do this. For real.

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