6 Things to Do When NYC (or anywhere) is Bumming You Out.



Like the title of this amazing book, right now I Feel Relatively Neutral About New York. It’s a recent development brought on by excessively cold weather, limited sunlight, perpetual illness, and the feeling of never going fast enough. I know that the honeymoon phase is over, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my time here. I’m a firm believer that we can shape our reality by simply being positive. There’s a lot of ways to get out of a rut, and here are just a few ways I’ve employed that have worked:image

1. Go Out. Go to a bookstore. Go to a coffee shop. Go to Union Square. Go to a grocery store. Go to a park. Go to the alley between buildings. Go to work. Go sing karaoke. Go drink too much. Go to Times Square. Go live. Getting out of your head and onto the streets helps you forget that perpetual exhaustion and reminds you why you moved to a big city.

2. Take a Chance. I did improv for an audience on a Saturday night at UCBeast. I am decent at improv—that is to say that I am eagerly awaiting my next level courses so that I can one day say that I’m great at improv. But I didn’t mess anything up, and I was scared and bold and courageous and it woke up my tired bones and made me feel like trying was worth it. Maybe you should try to meet someone new or take a cooking class. Ya never know what might happen.image

3. Take a Break. Sometimes you don’t want to go outside. You don’t want to participate and that’s fine—for a while. You can’t shut yourself out forever, but maybe you need a couple of days to organize your thoughts and to just relax. Buy a bottle of rose` and actually use your Netflix account. Don’t worry about the time you’re losing, you’re only going to attack the world at 100% if you feel at 100%, so maybe R&R is the way to go.

4. Call an old friend. I have a short-list of friends that just get me and who will entertain my moods. It’s always good to catch up, and they will probably make you laugh and smile, and forget why things are lame right now. image

5. Eat yummy foods. Don’t just find foods that are bad for you, find delicious food that you can feel good about eating and enjoy it. If you buy it from a restaurant, resolve to learn how to cook it yourself. Eat. Pray. Love. that shit.

6. Make a List. List everything you’ve ever accomplished. Don’t feel big-headed for doing this, because it’s easy to forget that you’re awesome when you’re feeling displaced and uncomfortable. Start with the most recent things you can think of and just keep listing. Look at this list when you feel like comparing your life to someone else’s and realize that you’ve lived just as much as anyone.

I hope that helps. If you’re in a funk right now, I can’t wait til you get out of it, too!



Weather Small-Talk in the Elevator

  • Exasperated older woman: It's so hot out there today. So so hot.
  • Me: Yeah, it really is
  • Exasperated older woman: It'll be fall soon, though. We only get one day of fall.
  • Me: One day?
  • Exapserated older woman: and then 10 months of winter.
  • Me: hmph
  • Exasperated older woman: it's so hot.

Tonight I’m too lazy to find sleep clothes so I’m sleeping like I do in the summer in the winter. Let’s see if I make it the whole night or if I start freezing to death and find clothes.

I would prefer feeling like this squirrel to feeling like a waterlogged rat. Cincinnati, stop raining, we get it.

I would prefer feeling like this squirrel to feeling like a waterlogged rat. Cincinnati, stop raining, we get it.

(via fool-of-a-took)