Things I Learned This Weekend:

-I do not like fried plantains. I got a tv dinner from Kashi, and it was like “vegan and lots of vegetables” and it was all tasting like the standard universal grain and beans spice goo, when something a little too sweet showed up and totally ruined it for me.

-I cannot drink more than 4 drinks (shots included as drinks), and I cannot start drinking before 9 or else shitshow Akilah shows up and drunk texts become breadcrumbs that don’t lead far enough away from embarrassment.

- I have model friends. Surprisingly not jealous-hating them at all in the least.

-I need to look like a hipster and then I will get cast in so much more shit.

-There’s a Bengals Bar (who-dey) in the East Village. I will be there on Sundays.

-Joining a gym for $10 a month is worth it. I’m going to be New York skinny as soon as I stop liking candy and ice cream more than I like some members of my family.

-Going to Improv shows for $10 is worth it! I think I’ve gotten the concept of improv for a long time, but there’s something about consistently going to shows that makes it seem more doable.