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It’s a great day over here at the MilkMade HQ. The day is beautiful and bright. It’s full of really important decisions like “which is better - cookie dough or soft baked cookies?!” And today, a dream has been realized. Today, we received our first haul. 

Our newest member Akilah participated in that whole Guess the Flavor gig we played a couple weeks back (view that here) and she guessed right - mango coconut. So, as her prize, we sent her a delivery of our Flavors of the Month. She filmed the experience for her YouTube channel, and, man, it made our day. 

We think we just might send her pints every month just to see what she has to say about them. 


Job Things I’m Excited For:

  • Happy Hour on Fridays. Yeah. At work.
  • Free Bagels on Fridays. Waaah Carbs.
  • Extra Vacation Days in the summer (vidcon? vidcon.)
  • People my age!
  • DENTAL INSURANCE—because let’s face it, my cavity-phobia needs to be put to rest. If there’s some in there, I have to deal with it I just have to because that’s what adults do.
  • writing and getting paid for writing.

Okay. Alright. First day is tomorrow. I’m really excited. If I have a day where I’m not excited I’ll come back here to this post and remind myself of all the excitement I once had.

Greatest Story To Ever Happen in 2013.

So my buddy at work was looking over his okcupid profile, and enlisted my help in responding to a girl. I wrote up something witty that might inspire her to put on pants and brave the cold to meet him for a drink.

We then got onto my account so I could show him all the weird messages I get. I go to the second page of messages, and he’s like “OMG I MESSAGED YOU?!”

He hit on me before I even worked here. Best. Ever.

Even better, I didn’t respond. HA!