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Akilah. 24. NYC by way of the Queen City. Take your brown eyes, your pretty smile, your silhouette.

WARNING: Do not take this blog too seriously. It is all encompassing of the fleeting thoughts I have, even if they are just momentary. Don't read too far into me.
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Look at this cool project Leslie did. It was so much fun, and I’m super glad she asked me to help with it.

Next week can’t get here soon enough.



There’s so much thought and emotion that happens before having a conversation with the camera; there’s more to it than just delivering the lines. You have to:

  1. Make sure your hygiene is up-kept.
  2. Ask yourself if you still have a social life.
  3. Fix your hair, tame your hair.
  4. Learn how to edit on a program like Final Cut Pro X.
  5. Work really hard at not being boring. Challenge yourself to be entertaining.
  6. Know how the right lighting can do wonders.

I’ve been pushing myself harder than I ever have to get better at everything so I can start my career somewhere here in NYC. Guess for now, by day, I’ll be walking lots of four legged friends to pay the rent..

(a.k.a. getting paid to exercise!!)

hansmosis is incredible. Follow his blog. look at this picture so cuuuuute!

Hey Tumblr, It’s Akilah…

So you asked me so many questions that I figured I’d make this a regular old thing where once a month-ish I would answer your new deep Qs. Feel free to ask me more stuff here and maybe you’ll see your Qs answered in a video soon!



ArielleisHamming released a video about how “Gays don’t appreciate Macklemore’s performance” and how it’s a problem.

And while I tried to be civil and present a new perspective, I’m realizing that the LGBTQ equality movement doesn’t want me to be a part of it. They don’t want support from a black woman. It is flawed, and much like the feminist movement, there is room for improvement. I think it is irresponsible to say, “shh, don’t bring up the big black elephant in the room” because of one song of support. I think it is hurtful to every POC in your community to say cultural appropriation and racism in the industry isn’t a problem because it isn’t affecting you in this important moment. I think it is lazy to say your movement shouldn’t be self-aware and move to be all-inclusive. I think it is beyond shameful to condemn Queen Latifah for “being in the closet” when she is the only ordained minister who married anyone on the stage. And I think it is racist to act as if your rights were realized only because of the actions of one White man and negate all of the work anyone of color has done to this point.

Without rap music, there’d be no Macklemore. Who do you have to thank for that?


20–Something Friday. 

I’ll check out your blog if you ReSnoop Bloggy Blog this post.